Zack Sabre Jr. Featured in New Ad for PETA UK

zack sabre jr peta uk vegan video interview

NJPW wrestler Zack Sabre Jr. is featured in a new ad for PETA UK. 

The advertisement proclaims Zack is “Vegan Strong. Powered by Plants” and in an accompanying video he talks about making the decision to change his lifestyle in 2015. 

“I just felt so much more energized,” the 32-year-old wrestler says in the video. “Just eating plants, whole foods, you know, full of water, minerals, vitamins … you just feel good.”

Zack also explains that his ring jacket, shin guards and shoes are all vegan and says it’s because “there’s no reason to be wearing clothes that have come at the expense of tortured animals.”

Watch the advertising video for PETA UK below.

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