Former WWE Star Zach Gowen — I Want to Be the Next American Ninja Warrior

Zach Gowen ninja warrior wwe wrestling

Zach Gowen is determined to appear on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior — telling Pro Wrestling Sheet his audition video is complete and producers seem incredibly interested.

The former WWE star — and first one-legged professional wrestler — says getting on the show would give him an opportunity to share his message of hope to anybody who may need it.

Zach adds, “A lot of wrestling fans assume the story ended after my WWE career ended, but for me, the greatest victories came after that. And an opportunity to share that and connect with a brand new audience on Ninja Warrior would mean the world to me!”

Gowen tells us he got a call from the show after sending in an online application and the casting department loved his audition video once he emailed them the footage.

The 32 year-old wrestler is still waiting hear something more official  … but in the meantime says, “Life ain’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you choose to respond to what happens to you. If I don’t get picked, that’s not a failure. If I don’t complete the course, that’s not a failure. The only failure would be not to try. Everything is possible.”