The Young Bucks Wish WWE the Best in Their Future Endeavors on Being the Elite (VIDEO)

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As anticipation grows for All Elite Wrestling, The Young Bucks made it clear they won’t be signing with WWE on the latest episode of Being the Elite.

Monday’s episode titled “Leaving the Territory” begins with the Jackson brothers mulling over the decision to sign with “H” as Nick tells Matt not to worry, due to his recent premonition. The leather-jacket wearing parody then shows up to their room and they hand him a piece of paper. 

Later in the episode, Hangman Page grills Cody and The Bucks about the offers from “H” and Rhodes reiterates the group will be sticking together. 

The Young Bucks then explain what happened on their end and there’s a flash to the end of the opening scene. “H” is seen in the hotel hallway reading the piece of paper, which states: 

Although this was a difficult decision, we watched an episode of Raw and saw what you guys did to the tag team division. 

I know in this business the saying goes, “Never say never,” but for now, we wish you the best in your future endeavors.

The Elite are expected to launch their own billionaire-backed promotion in 2019 with the Khan family who own the Jacksonville Jaguars. The group has already filed trademarks for copyrights related to All In and All Elite Wrestling.  

The members of the group, minus Marty Scurll, performed at their final ROH shows over the weekend. Matt Jackson teased their future in a post-event speech when the show went off-the-air.

Furthermore, Jim Ross — who has denied any involvement with the group — had an interaction with Matt over the weekend which goes against that. Jackson tweeted, “Leaving the territory. See you on the other side.” JR replied saying, “See ya there….wherever the ‘other side’ might be.”

As we previously reported, Jim Ross and Chris Jericho will only be involved as talent if the promotion gets off the ground. They are not behind its launch.

Watch this week’s Being the Elite below.