The Young Bucks Auctioning Off ‘Too Sweet’ Ring Gear for Charity

young bucks ring gear auction charity too sweet

The Young Bucks might be in hot water for using the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, but that didn’t stop them from doing some good with their now unusable ring gear.

The tag team put up two pairs of ring tights adorned with the “Too Sweet” logo on eBay last night to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. 

As we first reported, the Bucks were sent a very real cease and desist from WWE this week over the use of the hand gesture on merchandise/gear.

Still, they decided to make the best out of a bad situation. Matt Jackson tweeted about the auction, saying, “We’ll never be able to wear these again, but we thought we could still get some use out of them for something positive!”

Check out the auction HERE.