Xavier Woods Joins the Revived G4 Network

Thanks to the #Creed4G4 social media campaign, WWE’s Xavier Woods will officially be involved in the 2021 relaunch of defunct network G4.

If you’re not aware, G4 was a gaming cable TV network that existed from 2002-2014. It was announced earlier this year that the brand would be making a comeback in 2021 on multiple digital and linear platforms.

It’s no secret to wrestling fans that Woods — aka Austin Creed — is a lover of video games and video game-adjacent pop culture, so he’s a perfect fit for the network. Which is why he launched a social media campaign to pressure the head honchos at G4.

Woods’ signing was confirmed by G4’s Head of Content Kevin Sabbe during a charity livestream on Tuesday evening.

“We could not be happier to welcome Xavier to the family and introduce the first member of G4’s new cast,” Sabbe said of his brand’s new acquisition. “The list of on-air talent with advanced degrees in psychology, unbridled passion for video games and multiple WWE Tag Team Championships is not long. We loved Xavier’s creative #Creed4G4 campaign and cannot wait to showcase his many talents throughout G4’s developing slate of programming. Xavier stands as a fantastic first representative of an exciting and diverse team that we are assembling for G4 and will be introducing in the coming weeks and months.”

G4 also shared a fun video hyping Woods’ signing.

It’s a new network, yes it is! (Well, kinda).

Check out Wood’s G4 hype package below.