Xavier Woods Fights Back Tears As He Remembers His Friend Jon Huber

Xavier Woods had to fight back the tears as he shared a touching eulogy to his late friend Jon Huber aka Luke Harper.

On this week’s edition of Raw Talk, host Charly Caruso was joined by Woods, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. During the show, Woods mentioned Huber’s recent passing and shared some loving words in his honor.

“We’re talking about Brodie Lee. Luke Harper. Gator. Jon Huber. That’s our friend,” Woods began his impromptu eulogy.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you never got the pleasure of meeting him, he was a fantastic human who did so much for this industry. The lives that he touched and the way¬† he made people feel. Whether you were a wrestler, whether you worked on the crew, whether you were in catering, whether you were a fan. He is someone who isn’t just extremely important to me, but extremely important to everyone in this company … and we just … we’re gonna miss him. A lot.”

At this point Woods was understandably despondent, and had to fight back tears to maintain his composure.

In a sweet moment, he was embraced by R-Truth as Kofi shared some of his own words on Huber’s passing.

Check out the moment in the video below.