‘Educated Guessing’ With Editor-In-Chief Ryan Satin: WWE TLC Predictions And Analysis

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WWE TLC is tomorrow and the last minute changes have rendered any previous prediction articles useless … so here we are with a FRESH set of educated guesses for the updated card.

To say the past 24 hours in WWE have been wild would probably be an understatement. Rarely do we see two marquee PPV matches changed just days before due to illness.

Plus, WWE doubled down on shock value by announcing Kurt Angle’s return to the ring … when previously he had admitted that they weren’t interested in seeing him do so.

Like I said, wild day. So let’s get to the predictions!

Kick-Off Match

Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox finally has a shirt for the first time in her WWE career … yet, despite the minor push she’s receiving, I have a hard time believing she’ll pick up the win over Sasha Banks on Sunday.

Most of you who follow me on Twitter know that my girlfriend is a big Fox fan and she’s convinced Alicia’s rise to the top of the women’s division begins here. I hope she doesn’t see this though, because I have a feeling her dreams will be crushed at WWE TLC.

Educated Guess: Sasha Banks via submission

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Kalisto (c) vs. Enzo Amore 

Despite the initial anger from fans, Enzo’s run with the Cruiserweight title was entertaining as hell and it got new viewers to watch 205 Live. In my opinion, it feels like the title was put on Kalisto to add some extra heat to this match once Neville was no longer in the picture.

Therefore, similar to Tozawa beating Neville for a one-week title reign before SummerSlam, my gut says Amore regains his title at WWE TLC by cheating to get it back.

Educated Guess: Enzo Amore via nefarious means. NEW CHAMP! 

Asuka vs. Emma 

Five words: Nobody is ready for Asuka.

That includes Emma, who I predict will lose. Quickly.

Educated Guess: Asuka via submission

Rich Swann and Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher 

The duo of Kendrick and Gallagher seem to be the favorites here due to their recent push as a tandem.

However, Cedric Alexander should be getting primed to become the next #1 contender for the Cruiserweight title — especially if Neville is gone for the foreseeable future — so I’m hoping that he doesn’t take the pin tonight and this feud continues on 205 Live until Cedric gets his comeuppance.

Educated Guess: Kendrick and Gallagher via pinfall 

“The Demon” Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles 

The first match that was affected by a recent viral meningitis scare on the Raw roster — which you can READ ABOUT HERE — and is, without question, a much more attractive encounter to wrestling fans.

Let’s be honest, only the people at WrestleCrap were looking forward to Sister Abigail vs. The Demon.

Instead, we get a WrestleMania caliber contest featuring two former Bullet Club leaders — as well as two of the best competitors in the world — facing-off for the first time in a match that will more than likely steal the show.

Been racking my brain trying to think of who could win though. “The Demon” needs to be protected as much as possible, but AJ is set to feud with Jinder Mahal and needs to stay strong in the interim.

Plus, there’s the wildcard of whether The Club will make an appearance to help either wrestler.

My guess is that Finn takes the win here, possibly via interference from Gallows/Anderson, and AJ gets his revenge at Survivor Series if there’s a Raw vs. Smackdown elimination match.

Educated Guess: Finn Balor via pinfall 

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James

Mickie James has had a tough time connecting with the crowd again since her return to WWE and something tells me they don’t plan to fix that with a title reign. My guess is that they are looking to keep Alexa as strong as possible until her inevitable encounter with Asuka in a few months.

Both wrestlers usually deliver on PPV though and this should be an entertaining match.

Educated Guess: Alexa Bliss via pinfall 

TLC Match

Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz, Braun Strowman, Kane and The Bar

It’s true, Kurt Angle will finally be wrestling in WWE again for the first time in over 11 years — and they’d be CRAZY to have their authoritative, WWE Hall of Famer lose during his initial comeback.

That being said though, the safe bet would be on Angle getting knocked out early in the match and making a big return near the end to take down the heels who’ve been making his job difficult as of late.

I do wonder how WWE will get around Braun being the dominant force that he is though, because you’d think a monster of his size would make it very hard for The Shield and Kurt to win.

Braun aside though, I feel strongly in my belief that Kurt needs to win if he’s gonna compete like other part timers at any of the big four PPV events in near future.

Educated Guess: Kurt Angle, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

Sound off in the comments below and tell me if you agree or disagree with my picks!