WWE Talent Delayed From Leaving Saudi Arabia, In Danger of Missing SmackDown (UPDATED)

wwe talent wrestlers stuck saudi arabia danger missing smackdown

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE talent has been delayed from leaving Saudi Arabia following Crown Jewel and are in danger of missing SmackDown.

According to multiple sources, the delayed has lasted for hours with WWE Superstars and employees being stuck on the plane the whole time. 

It’s unclear what the exact reason for the delay is at this time, but it seems to be an issue with the plane. We’re told WWE has been working on coming up with backup strategies that would hopefully get some of the talent to Buffalo to appear on SmackDown. This would seem to be difficult though due to the length of the flight.

The delay was first reported on Fightful Select

UPDATE: Sources tell us a second charter flight was put together for top talent that will hopefully get them to the show in time. 

UPDATE 2: We’re told the second charter flight did take off, but it might not make it to Buffalo in time for SmackDown. Talent still in Saudi Arabia got hotels for the night.