WWE Moving Headquarters to New Office Building, Selling Titan Towers

wwe selling titan towers moving headquarters stamford titan towers

WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut are moving and the plan is to sell their current office space famously known as Titan Towers.

The company put out a press release which states the following:

WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced that the company will move its global headquarters to a new office complex at 677 Washington Boulevard in Stamford, Connecticut. This move will allow the company to bring together its operations, including its production studios and corporate offices at its new site.

One of the most important elements necessary to execute WWE’s long-term growth strategy is world-class talent collaborating seamlessly to create compelling content. Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value,” said George Barrios, WWE Co-President.

WWE says the new office will provide the company with work space “suited to its growing and evolving workforce.”

The move is expected to happen in early 2021. WWE has been in Titan Towers since 1985.

The announcement states WWE’s deal to lease the new space is for 16 1/2 years.

“Additionally, the company expects to sell its owned and operated corporate facility at 1241 East Main Street, exit its leased spaces at 1266 East Main Street, and will evaluate options for its production studio facilities at 88 and 120 Hamilton Avenue based on strategic, operating and financial considerations.”


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    That big as The old hq

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