WWE Seamstress Says She’d ‘Love’ If Matt Hardy Were Dead, Reby Hardy Responds

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Julie Youngberg, a seamstress who says she’s been employed by WWE for thirty years, tweeted last night saying she’d love if Matt Hardy were dead … and it prompted a response from his wife.

It all started when someone on Twitter said they’d like to see Broken Matt join Team Miz at TLC and Julie replied saying, “I would love if the fifth man was dead Matt. Did I say that?”

Not one to stay quiet … Reby Hardy quickly responded and said, “B*tch you seen both me & Matt about 20x at TVs & have never said a damn thing. Shut up, p*ssy.”

The two then continued to go back and forth, with Reby noting that they’ve had years of issues and Julie seemingly threatening to sic WWE security on Matt’s wife backstage if need be. She also touted her tenure working for WWE and said she’s made “most of the iconic costumes you’ve watched on tv.”

Reby said in a string of tweets this morning, “We were actually contacted by an officer a few yrs ago about a ‘crazy fan’ making outrageous claims & wasting their time; It was Julie. No one is ‘stalking’ you, ‘hacking’ you, spying on you. NO ONE EVEN REMEMBERS YOU EXIST until you start revealing death wishes on twitter.”

A rep for WWE declined comment.

7 Comments on "WWE Seamstress Says She’d ‘Love’ If Matt Hardy Were Dead, Reby Hardy Responds"

  1. I don’t get it…

  2. Reby Hardy is an imbecile. Reby is the hemorrhoid of the wrestling business.

  3. Enhancement Talent | October 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm | Reply

    If sharing a picture of you posing with wrestlers that do not work for WWE can get you fired, I am pretty sure publicly wishing a WWE talent was dead while you work for the WWE is a much bigger offense…

  4. Reby is my guilty pleasure. I hate that she cannot behave with more decorum but I’m not going to pretend I don’t enjoy when she stirs up drama.

  5. Matt gonna be setting up the ring in school gyms soon because of his wife.
    What a bag..

  6. Julie I know how feel but making death threats can get you in a truoble….its best not saying to her I yes I agree Ruby is a rude person..

  7. I don’t like ruby at all either…

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