WWE Writer Announces Departure

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R.D. Evans — who has worked as a writer in WWE since 2016 — announced his departure from the company this morning.

Evans tweeted his official statement saying “I quit WWE” alongside a grocery list.

According to PWInsider, Evans was reprimanded on Saturday night at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony for producing Bret Hart’s speech which mentioned Vince McMahon. The WWE exec has apparently strongly stressed for years that he does not want his name said during people’s speeches.

When Vince got angry about it happening during Bret’s speech, Evans apparently took the blame and quit before he could be fired.

Without naming Evans, X-Pac also talked about the incident on the latest episode of his podcast. “Vince got really hot,” he explained. “I think somebody might have gotten fired. Then we went out and said it a million times and no one got fired. It’s not funny for the guy that f*cking lost his job.”

Adding, “I’m not kidding. No, I’m not. Vince was pissed. I understand. That’s a thing for him. It’s his company and people go out there and they do that.”

As you may recall, Evans wrestled in various promotions prior to joining the WWE creative team … including ROH and Chikara.