WWE Files Lawsuit Against Foreign TV Distributor

wwe lawsuit tv distributor middle east africa

WWE has filed suit against a foreign television distributor who is allegedly withholding money from the wrestling company — Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned.

According to the docs filed in court today … WWE entered into an agreement with Transworld Television in which TWT had the right to solicit TV license agreements for WWE within certain geographical areas, but required the company to collect the money and pay a portion to WWE.

Transworld then made an agreement like this in 2014 with a company licensing WWE programming for television in Africa and the Middle East, but TWT failed to pay WWE any of the money following three payments received in 2017 for the content.

The wrestling company claims they sent multiple invoices and emails attempting to recoup the money — which totals $337,142.98 — but they’ve yet to hear back or receive payment.

WWE is now asking a judge to help them get the money back, plus interest, as well as legal fees.