WWE Gauging Fan Interest in Some Intriguing Network Programming

wwe network interest intriguing shows

WWE regularly conducts research to find better ways to improve the network and their latest survey looks to gauge fan interest in a slew of intriguing programming choices.

The first line of the survey reads, “WWE is considering adding new programming to WWE Network as part of a premium priced tier.  Listed below are some potential new programming ideas.”

Some of the shows include:

  • WWE Superstar “Cribs”
  • WWE-style “Apprentice” to win a job at WWE
  • WWE Legends’ House Season 2 – Attitude Era
  • TV-14 In-Ring Show: A “new” weekly version of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) or other “edgy” new promotion rated TV-14
  • House Shows: For the first time ever, get a live, ringside view of select WWE house shows
  • New in-ring tournaments such as a Pro Am style tournament (WWE vs. NXT), a Lucha tournament, a tag team tournament, or King / Queen of the Ring tournaments
  • Original Scripted Comedies: Comedies such as WWE Superstar Roasts, Southpaw Regional Wrestling or WWE’s version of The Office
  • Original Scripted Dramas: Wrestling-themed series inspired by wrestling’s colorful and rich history such as WWE’s version of Game of Thrones

The survey also asks for interest in programming for companies like Ring of Honor, NJPWImpact, ICW, PROGRESS and “other regional Indie promotions.”

Some of the other notable things listed in the survey that WWE want to know your interest in:

  • Ability to download content and watch offline
  • Set up a “movie theater mode” to watch virtually with friends or participate in a live event on Facebook where you can chat with other fans
  • The ability to watch current or historic WWE content in a way that makes it seem as if you are actually sitting ringside and experiencing an event, such as WrestleMania, live and in person, using special computer generated effects and equipment like a headset
  • The ability to watch WWE in-ring shows using alternate camera choices (e.g. gorilla cam, drone cam, Go-Pro camera), 360 views or select higher or lower resolution options
  • Alternate Audio: Choose your favorite pay-per-view commentator team – for instance, you can hear “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler call a live pay-per-view

REMINDER: This is just research/ideas for now and none of these things set in stone.