WWE Crew Returns Home From Saudi Arabia

wwe crew returns home saudi arabia crown jewel

After an incredibly long travel delay in Saudi Arabia, WWE’s crew has finally returned home.

The WWE crew touched down on American soil Saturday afternoon much to excitement of everyone on the plane – which included wrestlers, writers, crew members and more. 

As we previously reported, more than 175 people who work for WWE boarded a charter plane immediately after Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. They then sat on the tarmac for over 7 hours due to a mechanical issue with the plane. In that time, a group of wrestlers got their own charter flight in an effort to get to Buffalo for SmackDown … but they didn’t make it in time.

The flight with a small portion of the roster landed last night during SmackDown. The charter filled with everyone else took off from Saudi Arabia near the end of the show. 

Atlas Air, the company WWE hired for the charter, issued an apology yesterday for the mechanical issue causing such a long delay.

FYI — SmackDown’s roster begins a tour in Europe next week. 

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