WWE Makes Change Regarding NXT Women’s Championship

nxt womens championship change gender specific

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed the NXT Women’s Championship will simply be referred to as the NXT Championship going forward. 

PWInsider first reported WWE has issued an “internal decree” to remove the gender-specific designation from NXT’s titles for the foreseeable future.

This was first done during last night’s broadcast. The graphic for Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm said their upcoming match was for the NXT Championship. Mauro Ranallo also described Rhea Ripley as the NXT Champion during her entrance and said Io Shirai wants to one day become NXT Champion.

Kay Lee Ray was additionally referred to as the NXT UK Champion.

The name change for the title has not been made on WWE.com’s Superstars page, but the recap for last night’s show also refers to the NXT Women’s Championship as simply the NXT Championship.

As you may have seen, Becky Lynch suggested something like this during her appearance on WWE Backstage this week. “The best thing for the Women’s division right now is that we eliminate the term ‘Women’s.’ I think that it’s now starting to hold us back,” she explained. “Why do we need that division? We need people. We need characters. We need people looking for the main events. Not the top Women’s spot, the top spot.”

According to sources, this move has been discussed internally for some time now.