Rob Gronkowski Confronted by King Corbin on Friday Night SmackDown

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While promoting his upcoming appearance as the host of WrestleMania, Rob Gronkowski was confronted by King Corbin tonight on Friday Night SmackDown.

The show began with Michael Cole and Mojo in the ring introducing the former NFL player before he danced his way to the ring. Gronkowski then talked about being a long-time fan and name-dropped going to FCW shows back in the day in support of Rawley.

Gronk’s promo was interrupted by King Corbin, who told the 3-time Super Bowl champion to get on his knees and bow to the king. Rob said they were good and that they don’t get on their knees.

Elias joined the segment moments later and began singing a song about the situation. King Corbin cut him off and got in Gronkowski’s face, but Mojo got on all fours behind Corbin and Rob pushed him over. Corbin attempted to confront Rob, but Elias threw him out of the ring.

Gronkowski then suggested Elias and King Corbin face-off at WrestleMania.

Watch parts of the segment below.

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