Wrestling Sheet Radio: Hemsworth as Hogan, Roman Returning & More (VIDEO)

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Join Ryan Satin and Elijah Bates as they discuss the top stories of the week.

This includes:

  • Roman Reigns being announced for RAW
  • Chris Hemsworth being attached to a Hulk Hogan biopic for Netflix
  • Tye Dillinger requesting his release from WWE
  • Chyna being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside DX

And more!

Listen to the audio on Podcast One or watch the video below.

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2 Comments on "Wrestling Sheet Radio: Hemsworth as Hogan, Roman Returning & More (VIDEO)"

  1. The Hogan bio pic. It has no involvement from WWE as producers. It could be dealing with Hogan’s early days in wrestling with Memphis, Florida and AWA that Hemsworth may no have to shave the top of his head to have the look Hogan had because still had some hair although thinning prior to WWF. And if it does deal with a pre-WWF Hulkamania, it could be good with a gritty feel.

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