Wrestler Attacked by Fan For Spitting Gum at Young Audience Goer (VIDEO)

wrestler attacked spit kid child fan impact wrestling big time

A wrestler named Devin Danger was attacked by a fan at an Impact Wrestling-related event this weekend after the worker spit gum at a young child in the audience.

It all went down in Salinas, California at a Big Time Wrestling event filmed for an upcoming One Night Only special on the GFW Network and happened as Danger made his way to the ring.

As you can see in the video, the wrestler spits gum at a kid during his entrance and her father comes flying into the picture shortly after throwing hands until they’re split apart.

The wrestler tweeted last night saying, “I apologized to the girl & her father the night it happened. The gum wasn’t intended to hit her, that was an accident. I am again very sorry.”

Watch the video below.

4 Comments on "Wrestler Attacked by Fan For Spitting Gum at Young Audience Goer (VIDEO)"

  1. Sucks that it associated with Impact Wrestling show. BTW should get rid of this bum.

  2. Watching this video several times, there was no one behind the girl for him to aim the gum at. He either was aiming at the floor in front of the girl and it hit her instead. Still dumb on his part he deserved a beat down.

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