Hillsborough County Officials Discuss WrestleMania Situation at Coronavirus Council Meeting

wrestlemania update hillsborough county coronavirus pandemic outbreak

The big question of whether WrestleMania should continue on as planned in a few weeks was discussed by Hillsborough County officials today at an emergency policy group meeting.

During the livestream of the meeting, Sheriff Chad Chronister questioned whether the panel will need to reconvene if WWE doesn’t make the decision themselves to cancel/postpone WrestleMania in the wake of a coronavirus pandemic.

Commissioner Les Miller explained that because the event is still weeks away, the decision was made to not “pull the plug” on the event quite yet. The council has instead decided to wait a week in order to see if WWE makes the decision first, like other sports organizations have done.

However, if WWE doesn’t cancel or postpone the event in the coming weeks, the panel will reconvene to discuss what should be done.

As we previously reported, WWE released a statement saying SmackDown in Detroit this week has not been cancelled as of yet. The company has been working on contingency plans though, should that happen, and it’s possible the show could be relocated to the WWE Performance Center. 

The final decision from today’s council meeting can be seen below.