Post-WrestleMania 34 Reactions from Superstars Involved in Matches

reactions wrestlemania 34 superstars video interviews

WWE shared a ton of videos following WrestleMania 34 featuring most of the Superstars involved in matches reacting to what went down in the ring.

The videos below include:

  • Cedric Alexander on winning the Cruiserweight title
  • Matt Hardy thanking the Andre the Giant statue
  • Naomi on winning the women’s battle royal
  • Seth Rollins on becoming a Grand Slam champion after winning the IC title
  • Jinder Mahal on his United States title win
  • Charlotte Flair and Asuka on the streak ending
  • Ronda Rousey celebrating her win with Kurt Angle
  • Nia Jax on winning the Raw Women’s Championship

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