Woken Matt Responds to Michael Cole’s ‘Ultimate Deletion’ Diss

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Michael Cole referred to The Ultimate Deletion as “obnoxious” while introducing it on Raw and Woken Matt responded by giving an assignment to Vanguard 1.

For those who missed it on Raw … Cole segued to the match by calling it different, obnoxious and surreal, then apologized to the viewers for what they were about to watch.

Woken Matt tweeted afterward saying, “I’ve learned of the BLASPHEMY that the OBSOLETE MULE [Michael Cole] SPEWED from his MUZZLE.. [Vanguard 1] put this HERETIC on your SURVEILLANCE schedule. If this continues, he must be DELETED!

As one would expect, V1 took the order seriously and is already on the case.

Since were talking about it … did you like The Ultimate Deletion? Sound off in the comments.

4 Comments on "Woken Matt Responds to Michael Cole’s ‘Ultimate Deletion’ Diss"

  1. I just finished watching Ultimate Deletion. So, these are my thoughts.

    I will preface this by saying that I saw Final Deletion at least 100 times. No joke. I basically observed it when it came in 2016.
    So, I have a biased for it because I loved it so much and all the positive buzz it got for TNA at that time.

    Now, to Ultimate Deletion. I did not like it. I though the brawl between Matt and Bray was boring. Not big spots or anything compared to what Jeff Hardy was doing in FD climbing trees and top of a hill.

    Also, the interaction between Bray and Matt was bland. Nothing there. While in FD, Matt approached Jeff and said it was over and then Jeff shows up with sparklers and shit and Matt would say, “Oh shit!” See that was funny and I still remember that.

    There was nothing like that here in UD. Just basic brawling and boring at that. The Senor Benjamin appearance was bland. I did like the Jeff appearance. That was a cool effect. But then the match ends and Bray is thrown into the lake but Senor cannot find him.

    Overall, I thought it was boring.

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