“Woken” Matt Hardy Gets Deleted in Latest Episode of “Free the Delete”

woken matt hardy deleted free the delete video

The latest episode of Matt Hardy’s “Free the Delete” web series centers around a battle on the Hardy Compound that ends with the deletion of Woken Matt. 

The description for the video explains: 

The sixth episode of “FREE THE DELETE” features “The #WOKEN DELETION”, a massive battle between Matt and Ryzin. In a cinematic fight that spans across The Hardy Compound, Matt tests his “refurbished” abilities against a DIABOLICAL Devil that the ROAR (Reservoir Of Altering Rebirth) created. The finale of this hard fought war leaves Matt shocked.

The episode begins with the battle between Matt and his opponent already in progress. At one point early in the match, Ryzin hits Hardy over the head with a rock. He then drags Matt to the front of the compound and the match continues, but the WWE star regains the advantage. 

Señor Benjamin and Skarsgård help Matt during the battle as well. 

At two points in the video, a voice that sounds like Bray Wyatt can be heard telling Matt to “run” and “climb.” It’s worth noting that Wyatt’s character once went into the Lake of Reincarnation prior to becoming “The Fiend,” and some of that water was put into the ROAR (Reservoir Of Altering Rebirth) by Ryzin earlier in the series. 

The match ends with Hardy missing a leg drop attempt from the middle of a ladder, causing him to land through two tables and lose the match. 

The voice talking to Matt tells him afterward that this battle was about atonement. “This battle was not about deleting Ryzin,” the voice added. “It was about deleting Woken Matt Hardy.”

Watch the full episode below. 

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