WWE Attempts to Explain Vince McMahon’s New “Wild Card Rule”

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If you were confused by Vince McMahon’s new “wild card rule” announced on Raw tonight, you weren’t alone … which is why WWE has released an explanation.

According to WWE.com, “a limited number of Superstars from Raw or SmackDown” will be invited to “cross brand lines for one-night-only appearances”

The article says “unauthorized” jumps will be penalized with fines or even potential firing. It’s also noted in the article that this doesn’t mean WWE is going “back to days of Raw SuperShows” or ending the Brand Extension.

WWE additionally explains: “The number of crossover Superstars was initially capped at three — WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns started things off by appearing on Raw this Monday — though Lars Sullivan evidently persuaded The Chairman to expand the limit to four.”

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