Lana/Lashley Wedding Officiant Writes About Odd Security Moment

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The guy who got tackled by WWE security on Raw last night was not a fan, it was Lana and Lashley’s wedding officiant … and he took to Facebook to write about it afterward.

In case you missed it … cameras caught a quick glimpse of the officiant sliding into the ring as AJ Styles was walking to the backstage area following his match. Security then jumped on top of him as the show went to commercial break.

Fans were quick to assume it was a well-dressed fan, but after the commercial Vic Joseph explained it was the wedding officiant who was now in a segment with Lana/Lashley.

According to sources, this was planned ahead of time and not a breakdown of communications between WWE officials and the security team. This seems evident in footage shared on Facebook by the actor who played the wedding officiant, as security wouldn’t have handled a situation like that.

Here’s what the actor wrote: 

This is what happened tonight at WWE/RAW: I needed to get into the ring in order to consummate the “Bobby Lashley and Lana Wedding” (which was totally disrupted last Monday night in Hartford CT), but security prevented me, so I had no other choice but to dive into the ring headfirst. Security was not pleased! But the married couple was very happy!

Watch the videos below.

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