WWE Mulling Over Decision to Use WCW Labeling on Upcoming Events

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Could the words WWE Presents: Hog Wild be said in the near future? According to sources, the use of a few WCW event names is getting closer than you’d think.

We’re told WWE officials are getting close to putting their hand in the nostalgia basket once again to use old labeling for a few live events/specials in the very near future.

As you may recall, WWE ran a Clash of Champions event last year and used WWE branding for The Great American Bash from 2004-2009 (and then in 2012 as a one-off Smackdown episode).

It’s unclear which events they’re looking to run at this point … but given the time of year, it’s worth noting that the next few WCW PPVs would’ve been Fall Brawl: War Games, Halloween Havoc, World War 3 and Starrcade.

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