What Culture Pro Wrestling Cancels Shows Due to YouTube Restrictions (VIDEO)

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YouTube’s advertising restrictions have hit the wrestling community rather hard lately — and WCPW is the latest victim.

WCPW General Manager Adam Blampied announced on Monday that they’ve been forced to cancel Loaded, their free weekly show, due to YouTube’s new monetization settings which classify pro wrestling videos as “non-advertiser” friendly.

As an example of the hit WCPW has taken, Blampied talked of a recent match between Alberto El Patron and Rey Mysterio Jr that garnered over a million views but only received $43 in ad revenue.

“Ad revenue is crucial for WPCW and it’s sad to say that without that money, a weekly free YouTube show is now unsustainable,” commented Blampied.

The promotion still plans on continuing though, with their upcoming PPV events and the Pro-Wrestling World Cup going on as planned. They will also be partnering with other organizations in an attempt to get YouTube to reverse the restrictions.

Watch the video of the announcement below.