WATCH: Jey Uso Snaps, Attacks Otis With a Steel Chair

Jey Uso has finally had enough of being belittled by Roman Reigns … but it wasn’t Roman who Jey took his aggression out on.

The most recent edition of SmackDown kicked of with Jey addressing the WWE Universe. Jey heaped praise Roman, and was soon interrupted by the man himself.

The Universal Champion chastised his cousin for interfering in his match with Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series last Sunday. Reigns told Jey that he didn’t need his help, and called him failure.

“Why do you think my team, team SmackDown lost, at Survivor Series? Why do you think they wouldn’t listen? They didn’t listen because they don’t fear you,” Reigns said. “They don’t fear you because they don’t respect you. And like I told you before. If they don’t respect you, they don’t respect us. And if they don’t respect us, then who are you?”

“If I’m not the head of the table, then you must think I want to be some sort of wannabe b**** in the locker room asking for leftovers,” Reigns said. “If they look at me like that, how do they look at you? How does your entire family look at you. Is that how you look at me? To you, in your eyes?”

Reigns then exited and left a dejected Jey in the ring.

As Jey was making his way backstage, Otis came out for his match. The two crossed paths … and Jey snapped.

Jey viciously attacked Otis with a chair, seemingly taking out weeks of pent-up rage on the former Money In The Bank briefcase holder.

Check out the beat down below.