WATCH: Eddie Kingston Explains His Behavior Following Dud “Explosion”

AEW star Eddie Kingston has provided fans with an explanation for his reaction following the underwhelming “explosion” at Resolution.

In case you missed it, the closing moments of AEW Revolution were hindered by a dud explosion.

Moxley had just been defeated by Kenny Omega in an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch. Following his win, Omega and his cronies, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, continued to beat Mox down in an attempt to incapacitate him. Their goal was to make sure he couldn’t leave the ring before it exploded.

Omega, Gallows, and Anderson left the ring before the clock reached zero, but Eddie Kingston ran out to assist Moxley. Kingston threw himself on Mox, but when the explosion came, it was nothing but a few pops and some lame sparklers. After the dud explosion, Eddie Kingston appeared to be out cold. After the show went off the air, Moxley addressed the mishap on the mic and joked with the crowd about the whole thing, but Kingston was still receiving medical attention.

Eddie addressed his behavior during a pre-taped segment that featured himself and Moxley chilling alongside each other by a fire.

“Well folks, here it is. The big explanation everyone wants to know about,” Eddie began. “When I went in that ring and I covered my friend thinking there was gonna be this big explosions and all these fireworks, I caught a flashback to the last time I had this anxiety,” he continued.

Eddie then explained that anticipating the explosion forced him to think about the time he was taken to Ryker Island.

Moxley insinuated that Omega had intended to blow up the ring properly, whereas Kingston implied that the whole thing was a prank.

Check out Eddie’s explanation in the clip below.