Virgil — Creates ‘Racist Wrestler’ During Nightly Show Interview (VIDEO)

virgil racist wrestler nightly show comedy central video

The Nightly Show segment on racism in wrestling didn’t uncover many shocking secrets about the business, but it did reveal Virgil doesn’t know the difference between Mexican and Puerto Rican.

As expected, the whole interview was more comedic than serious … but the highlight was Virgil helping reporter Ricky Velez become the “biggest racist wrestler of all-time” — The Border Jumper.

Only problem, Velez is Puerto Rican … but that didn’t phase the creation of Virgil’s racist wrestler, who adamantly replied, “Well, Puerto Rican and Mexican are both the same.”

As we previously reported, the two-part interview — part 2 airing tonight — also features Tommy Dreamer … but his story about having sex with 6 girls in ECW’s heyday gets a little weird.

Watch and you’ll understand.