Vince Russo — “I Don’t Believe That Women Were Created to Be Leaders” (AUDIO)

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Former WWE writer Vince Russo has never been afraid to express his opinions … most recently sharing the fact that he doesn’t believe women were created to be leaders.

Russo expressed his opinion on today’s episode of The Brand by saying,  “As a Christian man, as a believer of The Bible, I don’t believe that women were created to be leaders. I don’t believe a woman was created to run this country based on the fact that the woman was taken from the man’s rib.”

Adding, “Woman wasn’t created first. The man was created first. The woman was created second. I believe that’s how God wanted the pecking order to be.”

Russo does, however, admit that his perceived role of women is important … saying, “I think that women have the most important job! I think giving birth and rearing kids and raising kids, and molding and shaping other human beings is more important than being a leader.”

The pundit then goes on to take issue with a listener who labeled him as sexist for his views, but defends his position that men and women aren’t created equal because they have different genitalia.

Check out his full comments below starting at around the 7 minute mark.