Vince Russo Says Jim Cornette Placed Him ‘In Fear of Physical Harm’ (FULL PROTECTIVE ORDER)

jim cornette vince russo protective order documents

Pro Wrestling Sheet has obtained the full protective order Vince Russo filed against Jim Cornette … and in the document, Russo admits he was placed “in fear of physical harm” by his nemesis.

The document states that a judge approved the petition for a temporary restraining order before it was served to Cornette and agreed there was sufficient evidence showing that stalking had occurred.

As we previously reported, Vince listed an episode of Jim Cornette’s podcast to describe when the last incident happened. He also said the stalking has been going on for 18 years in multiple states.

Jim is not allowed to “threaten, stalk or commit a sex offense” against Russo. He’s also been told not to harass, annoy or telephone Vince. The order doesn’t, however, protect anyone in Russo’s family — even though Vince requested that his wife be included as well.

The order is effective for 1-year. If Cornette violates it, he could go to jail.

Read the full document below.

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