Vince McMahon Says WWE Will Make More Cinematic-Style Matches

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If you liked the cinematic matches at WrestleMania, then you’re in luck … because Vince McMahon says WWE will make similar “mini-movies” going forward to deal with the current environment.

During a WWE investor call on Thursday about first quarter earnings, McMahon began by talking about where the company currently stands amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vince then touched on WWE running shows from the Performance Center and confirmed plans to do more cinematic style matches to make the product continue to feel special.

Here’s what he said in full:

“It’s interesting to look at what happened once we went to, in essence, our studio which is our Performance Center. There really wasn’t, especially on SmackDown, there really wasn’t that much difference in terms of where we were and in terms of where we are now. It’s a challenging environment, obviously. But nonetheless, you’ve got to take advantage of that challenging environment and somehow make it, obviously, as good as it can. But make it special. So we’ve done certain things we’re gonna do more of. For instance, getting out of that environment and doing, in essence, mini-movies. Like we did at WrestleMania. And many other personality profiles that we can do a whole lot better and will.” 

As we previously reported, WWE’s next pay-per-view event will feature a Money in the Bank match taking place at WWE Headquarters in Connecticut. The match will likely be cinematic-style like the Boneyard and Firefly Fun House matches, as participants will begin on the bottom floor and work their way up to the roof where the briefcases will be hanging above a ring.

Listen to the full investors call below.