WATCH: Vince McMahon Crashes Triple H 25th Anniversary Celebration

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Triple H’s twenty-fifth anniversary celebration on Friday Night SmackDown ended with a surprise appearance from Vince McMahon.

The segment began with Hunter coming to the ring and Shawn Michaels joining him shortly after. HBK joked about the anniversary celebration he never got before cutting to packages of DX bloopers and Triple H losses at WrestleMania.

Triple H got serious after this by thanking Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, Undertaker, Michaels and others for their help along the way. HBK said those people definitely helped, then mentioned Hunter meeting “Stephanie No Fun.”

Stephanie McMahon face-timed Triple H after this and made a comment about HBK’s lazy eye.

Ric Flair facetimed next Hunter next and told him to not let Shawn end the segment hitting him with a superkick. He then called back crying as they went to commercial.

After returning from the break, Triple H was in the midst of a facetime with Road Dogg, but Shawn said they had to wrap things up so he could talk about Katie Vick.

This prompted Vince McMahon’s music to hit as he walked out on stage and said under normal circumstances he’d come down to ring to hug Triple H, as well as give HBK an elbow bump.

He then proceeded to roast the entire segment that had played out up until that point.

“There have been some other things in WWE that have been more boring, how about the Gobbledy Gooker,” Vince asked. “Not saying that your performance was that bad. It was more like a Katie Vick-kinda like thing. I mean, WOW! Some of you don’t know this … but here is Paul, my son-in-law … I said it, and he’s naked and he’s in a funeral home and this mannequin thing. God. I have no idea why you stoop to those delps. That was bad.”

Adding, “At least it was not only boring, but in poor taste. And then it’s not all bad, because I would liken your performance maybe to like, uh … I know … Bayley, “This is Your Life!” Remember that one? That was crickets. It wasn’t Bayley’s fault, by the way. But nonetheless.”

Vince then got serious and said he loves Paul, which Triple H said back.

McMahon returned to roasting the segment after this and ended by saying, “let’s wrap it up, padre” before instructing the team backstage to turn off the lights. 

Watch Vince McMahon’s appearance on SmackDown below.