The McMahons Will Once Again Run Raw and Allegedly Give Fans What They Want

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Vince McMahon addressed fans being unhappy with Raw lately at the top of the show this week and announced his family will once again be in charge.

McMahon began talking about how not everyone can do things alone, despite one man’s brilliance, creativity and vision — then he introduced Stephanie and Shane McMahon, as well as Triple H.

Stephanie explained how “the days of absentee management are over” and the four of them will be taking back Monday Night Raw. That also goes for SmackDown Live. 

It was then said that the McMahon family will “empower the superstars” and fans. “And more importantly, we’re gonna give you what you want,” Triple H added. 

He also claims they’ll be bringing in new faces, matches and superstars in the coming months.

Before the segment could end, the group was interrupted by Baron Corbin who tried to state his case for continuing as the GM of Raw. After a consultation, it was decided he could earn that title back by defeating Kurt Angle in a match where Heath Slater would be the referee. 

He was ultimately unsuccessful after a match that played out very similar to his TLC match on Sunday.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the night if any concrete changes are announced. 

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