Velveteen Dream Asks If It’s Fair to Critique Vince McMahon, Says Performers are to Blame for Bad TV

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NXT’s Velveteen Dream took to Instagram this morning to defend Vince McMahon, saying performers should be at fault for bad television.

Dream shared a text-only Instagram story on Monday (seen below) which began with the wrestler asking if it’s fair to critique WWE’s head honcho. “I mean after all, WWE is a form of entertainment, u do know WWE is a TV show,” he added. 

The NXT North American champ went on to explain how Vince McMahon is the director of WWE programming and compared him to George Lucas with Star Wars.

“Point is: When TV sucks it’s because the actors and entertainers and stuntmen FAILED 2 entertain u,” Dream continued. “Vince can write all day, it’s ur ‘favorites’ that have to make it entertaining. Star Wars was great in the 90s too! The new ones suck because the new actors suck.” 

FWIW — George Lucas is no longer in charge of Star Wars, so this analogy doesn’t quite track.

However, Velveteen Dream’s comments are still interesting … so sound off in the comments below and tell us if you agree or disagree with his point.