Velveteen Dream Speaks Out on School Shootings, Says Pop Culture Leaders Are Failing Children

Velveteen Dream speaks out school shootings nxt wwe

NXT star Velveteen Dream voiced his frustration at the news of another school shooting on Friday and directly addressed his message to children saying, “I’m so sorry that we’ve failed you.”

In a post shared on social media, Dream argued the government, education system, and law enforcement have failed the nation’s children.  He then went as far as pointing the finger at himself and his peers in the entertainment industry.

“As I sit thinking of the entertainers, like myself, who collect paychecks strained by the tears of so many discouraged Americans, I SAY SORRY,” he wrote. “We, the pop culture leaders of the current generations, are failing you.  We have a responsibility to speak and act in a manner that promote positivity and hope.”

Dream’s message continued essentially saying we can’t look in the other direction — it’s critical we take steps to help our schoolchildren.

Read his message below.