Vanguard 1 and Skarsgård Appear in New Episode of “Free the Delete”

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The latest episode of Matt Hardy’s “Free the Delete” video series shows the wrestler reuniting with Vanguard 1 and Skarsgård … sorta.

The video begins with Señor Benjamin and Matt talking on the Hardy Compound. The groundskeeper then takes the mower of lawns out for field work as Hardy sees Skarsgård placed against a wall.

Matt asks the boat why he doesn’t speak to him anymore, but gets no response.

After placing his hand upon Skarsgård, however, Matt hears Vanguard 1 nearby.  Hardy asks V1 to teleport him back to 2016 when he was the hottest act in wrestling, but once again gets no response. 

Matt starts to have a breakdown later in the video and says his former “Broken” self feels like a ghost that’s following him at all times, but they can’t unite. A voice then instructs him to enter the Lake of Reincarnation to become whole again. 

The description for the video states: 

In episode three of “FREE THE DELETE”, Matt struggles to communicate with his former allies, causing him to be haunted by the ESSENCE of his #BROKENBrilliance. A chance encounter with an old friend, an OMEGA alumni, turns violent as Matt’s mortal sanity begins to spiral out of control. Matt is visited by another one of the #7Deities, BROHARE, and is mandated to forge a daunting structure. BROHARE says these tasks must be completed for Matt to reunite with ZENITH.

Watch episode 3 of “Free the Delete” below. 

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