Matt Hardy’s Latest ‘Free the Delete’ Features Interesting Vanguard 1 Interaction

Matt Hardy exalted wwe aew free the delete

The latest episode of “Free the Delete” features an interesting interaction between Matt Hardy and Vanguard 1.

In case you missed it, the last episode ended with Hardy being found by his drone sidekick in a weakened state. The drone identified him as Broken Matt on its diagnostics screen, but the wrestler told V1 that “Abomination” would soon be in full control of his vessel. Vanguard 1 then instructed Hardy to follow him. 

Today’s episode picks up with Matt walking beside Vanguard 1 in flight as the drone thanks Hardy for having faith in him. Matt Hardy turns on Vanguard for a moment though and asks the drone with an altered voice why he thinks he’d ever have faith in a little trinket. 

Vanguard 1 scans Matt while this is happening and the diagnostics say he’s unidentified. 

During this same scene, while the diagnostics test is being run, Matt says “I AM EXA … I AM EXAL …” his normal voice then returns and he finishes the sentence saying he’s exhausted. 

This appears to be teasing the idea of Hardy being “The Exalted One” in All Elite Wrestling, the leader of The Dark Order who has yet-to-be-revealed. The figure was also once heard saying Broken Matt’s signature “WONDERFUL” in a recent video AEW put out. While there’s no confirmation Matt Hardy is heading to AEW at this point, it’s presumed his WWE contract ends in March and he’s been vocal about the fact that he’s looking to be creatively satisfied wherever he signs next. 

Watch this week’s episode of “Free the Delete” below.