Cops Called on Val Venis for Unauthorized Filming at Post Office (VIDEO)

val venis cops called post office unauthorized filming

Former WWE star Val Venis had the cops called on him in Arizona this week for filming inside of a post office without permission.

Val shared a video which shows him performing what people call a “First Amendment Audit” on a post office in Phoenix and the employees inside are clearly unhappy about being filmed.

For those unaware, first amendment auditors typically film law enforcement or government buildings to judge the response of officers in regards to the presence of a camera. However, filming inside of a post office DOES require permission from the United States Postal Service … unless for personal use.

In the video, Val is told to stop filming by two employees and the second attempts to push the camera out of her face while saying she’s going to call 911. The former wrestler, who refers to himself as a journalist collecting content for a story, is then approached by another man and a less-than-pleasant interaction occurs.

Employees eventually lock up the business and close the doors on Venis, so he waits for officers outside. When they arrive though, the police have zero interaction with Val and eventually leave.

A rep for the Phoenix PD tells Pro Wrestling Sheet they received calls, two on Monday and five on Tuesday, related to Val Venis exhibiting the same behavior; video taping and “harassing” customers/refusing to leave. On both days, however, “the subject” was neither identified nor contacted by police as he was no longer on the property.

Watch the strange video below.


12 Comments on "Cops Called on Val Venis for Unauthorized Filming at Post Office (VIDEO)"

  1. What in the heck happened to him? He’s looking as bad as Raven?

  2. Another guy gone completely off the deep end. Sad!

  3. Hello ladies!!!!!!

  4. Wrong! You can legally video record inside a post office. The author of this article did not do his research.

  5. Val looks terrible. I wonder what he has been up in the past several years.

  6. WRONG. You absolutely are entitled to film in Post Offices without permission.

  7. Daniel webster | May 5, 2020 at 11:00 pm | Reply

    Another time snowflakes State a false law for all you snowflakes and bootlickers no one’s went off the deep end it’s completely and totally legal to film in a post office as long as it’s non commercial and they always are they’re always blamed for doing their rights our forefathers would be ashamed of 90% of the people in this country because they’re the ones that allowed us to do this this is what they dreamed of in a free Society not people just bending over and giving up their rights. And if it’s going off the deep end having the guts to stand up for your rights then I’ll go off the deep end what is going off the deep end is bending over and giving up your rights

  8. Filming absolutely is allowed in post offices. You can’t just cherry pick parts of the law for the sake of your article – very unprofessional and ignorant.

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