Vader Challenges Chael Sonnen to a Fight … ‘That Little Boy Would Get Spanked’ (VIDEO)

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Wrestling legend Vader wants to fight Chael Sonnen for talking crap about him on a podcast, even though he admittedly knows nothing about the MMA fighter.

While speaking with The Hannibal TV, Vader said he only no-showed Chael’s podcast recently because he didn’t know who Sonnen was and didn’t think it would matter much.

He explains, “I had no idea who this guy was. Not a clue. I had never heard of him. And maybe I should apologize. Because, according to him, he’s a big deal.”

The WCW and WWF wrestling star adds, “If this guy wants to come to Boulder, Colorado … I have a ring and we can get in it and see if he can beat me up. Cause, you know what, I would shove his head so far up his ‘you know what’ and send him back home.”

“That little boy would get spanked. I’d turn him over my knee and spank him.”

Watch the full interview below.