WATCH: The Undertaker Gives Advice to Members of NXT Roster

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The Undertaker has decades worth of wrestling knowledge to give and in this clip from “The Last Ride” he’s seen passing some of it onto the next generation of talent in WWE.

In a clip from this Sunday’s installment, via ESPN, Taker makes a stop at the Performance Center in Orlando for a skull session with some of the bigger guys in NXT, including Keith Lee, Dominik Dijakovic, Damian Priest and Bronson Reed.

Sitting at the head of a conference table, he tells the group “a lot of times, guys don’t look genuine because they’re trying to be something that they’re not and that’s a difficult thing to figure out.”

The Deadman said the wrestlers were nervous initially, but “once they found out I wasn’t going to shred them, I think they felt a little more comfortable.”

The clip also features an appearance from Michelle McCool who revealed this trip to the PC wasn’t a one-time thing. “The business is in his heart. He wants to give everything he has to anybody that will listen,” she said. “So any time we’re in Orlando, he’s at the PC and he’s helping the guys and he’s helping the girls.”

In the footage, HHH acknowledges The Undertaker’s commitment to assisting future talent and says it is “imperative to the success of the business.”

The fifth chapter of “The Last Ride,” titled “Revelation,” premieres this Sunday on WWE Network.

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