CM Punk and Stu Bennett Among New Hosts Announced for “Ultimate Beastmaster”

stu bennett cm punk beastmaster netflix

Ultimate Beastmaster” on Netflix has announced that ex-WWE stars CM Punk and Stu Bennett (aka Wade Barrett) will be among the new hosts joining the show for season three.

Deadline first reported that a new season will air in 2018 and Punk tweeted afterward saying, “The Beast is back and I’ll be your host for Team USA along with the my co-host the awesome ! Don’t miss the most intense obstacle course in the world!!!!!”

For those who haven’t seen Beastmaster, the show is edited to be specific to each region participating — hence the local hosts who anchor their country’s version — however, we’re told there’s lots of interaction between all of them … so you’ll see some banter between the former Nexus leaders.

Bennett posted an announcement on social media as well with the caption, “*BREAKING NEWS* I’ll be hosting Netflix’s S3 alongside .  .”

Check out his video below.