WATCH: Triple H Says UK Performance Center is First of Many International WWE Facilities

triple h wwe performance center uk multiple international

Prepare for NXT to TakeOver, for real … because Triple H says the new UK Performance Center will be the first of many international WWE facilities they plan to open.

The WWE executive spoke to the media at today’s opening and said, “This is the first of what will be many Performance Centers outside of the US.”

“This brings everything to the table that the Performance Center in Orlando does,” Triple H explained. “It brings everything you would expect to train world-class WWE Superstars.”

As we previously reported, the facility is 17,000 square foot and currently has two rings. More than 30 wrestlers have now been signed to the brand.

During the press conference, Triple H said the UK trainees will be at the facility on a regular basis. They’ll also receive media training, access to a nutritionist, financial/wellness seminars, language classes and more. Hunter says this is done to create “the most well-rounded and professional performers that the WWE has ever seen.”  

“All of this stems from a passion,” Hunter explained. “Yes, it’s a business, but it stems from a passion for us. A desire for us to be able to deliver a product that is worthy of the passion of our fans. WWE fans are the greatest, some of the most passionate fans of anything around the world, and this is all in a desire to give them the best.”

Watch the full presentation below.