Tyson Fury Defeats Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel

tyson fury braun strowman wwe crown jewel results video

Lineal heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury made his debut in WWE at Crown Jewel and defeated Braun Strowman in their match.

Fury made his entrance for the match in epic fashion with the Isley Brothers song “It’s Your Thing” playing while a ton of pyro was set off.

The match began with Fury and Strowman locking up a few times before Braun took him down with a boot to the face. The two competitors then began to have an actual wrestling match, much to the surprise of people watching the show.

The finish came about when Braun was standing on the apron and Tyson hit him with a big right hand to knock him out of the ring. Strowman was then unable to come to his senses and lost via countout. 

“The Monster Among Men” then came back in the ring to hit his finisher on Fury before leaving.

Watch the end of their match below. 

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