WATCH: Tyson Fury Blindsided by Braun Strowman at WWE Performance Center

tyson fury wwe braun strowman performance center altercation blindsided

Braun Strowman ruined Tyson Fury’s training session today at the WWE Performance Center after knocking the famous boxer to the ground when he wasn’t looking.

According to WWE, Fury has been “deep in training” at the WWE PC this week in an effort to perfect his craft before wrestling at Crown Jewel later this month.

Strowman must have SOMEHOW been tipped off to his upcoming opponents location though, because he interrupted on Tuesday while Tyson was running drills.

In the video … “The Monster Among Men” knocks the lineal heavyweight champion to the ground when he wasn’t looking, then exits the ring talking trash and eventually leaves the building.

Fury then sells an ankle injury, but plays it off. 

Watch the video of their altercation below.