Tyler Breeze Says Return to NXT Isn’t a Demotion, “It’s a Lateral Move”

tyler breeze nxt return lateral move not demotion

Tyler Breeze has officially returned to NXT from the main roster, but “Prince Pretty” says it isn’t a step down because the promotion run by Triple H is now WWE’s third brand.

Breeze spoke with Newsweek ahead of his upcoming North American Championship match on Saturday against Velveteen Dream at TakeOver: XXV and addressed returning to NXT.

“The wrestling community likes to be involved in everything and they have a lot of opinions on things,” said Tyler. “And me coming back [to NXT] they raised a lot of questions. “Why is he coming back to NXT? Is he getting demoted?” And that’s not a thing. To me, personally, and to them more than ever at this point, NXT is a third brand. It’s RAW, SmackDown and NXT.”

Adding, “So it’s not getting sent back anywhere, it’s a lateral move. I’m going back somewhere where they have room for me. They have a spot where I can do it and no one else can. I’m going to slide right in there and the crowd knows what they are going to see when they see me on NXT as opposed to RAW or SmackDown. This is the Tyler Breeze that we want to see. As much fun as me and Dango had on RAW and SmackDown with the Fashion Files and everything else, this is where it’s fun.”

Breeze also commented on Velveteen Dream saying he couldn’t cut it on the main roster during a recent episode of NXT TV.

“What gives me the advantage is that I’ve been on RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania,” he explained. “Dream has never been on any of those things, so it’s easy to say “hey, Breeze you couldn’t hack it.” When in reality he never had the opportunity to do it. He’s never been able to try it. That’s a little bit of fear projecting itself, especially if he’s following in my footsteps. And now that I’m back here to say, look man, I’ve been through it. I’ve been exactly where you are.”

“I love the confidence, but you have a handful coming.”

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