Trish Stratus Accepts Charlotte Flair’s SummerSlam Challenge (VIDEO)

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It’s official! Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair will go head-to-head next month at Summerslam.

Stratus was a guest on “The King’s Court” this week during SmackDown Live in Memphis and the interview with Jerry Lawler was interrupted by Flair.

Charlotte then bragged about being “The Queen of All Eras” and challenged Trish to a match.

When Stratus didn’t immediately respond, Flair angrily stated: “I expected more out of the 7-time Women’s Champion! But I know what it is … the WWE has evolved and we’re no longer models shaking their assets, we are women changing the industry. Trailblazers like me. I expected more fire out of you.”

Trish retorted by shouting out some of her former coworkers like Lita and Ivory, then said “to be the woman, you have to beat the woman,” and accepted the challenge.

Watch some of the segment below.