Triple H Talks About Decision to Revive War Games For NXT TakeOver

war games dusty rhodes triple h nxt takeover

War Games returns this weekend and Triple H says he’s looking forward to giving NXT its own unique match while honoring the legacy of Dusty Rhodes.

Hunter told ESPN, “The time was just right. It was right, with the right brand. It fits the NXT brand. NXT is slightly different than RAW and SmackDown, but it fits. It kind of has its own unique personality which I think works within NXT, but also, it allows NXT to have something that is its own.”

Adding, “And I think that’s a really cool opportunity especially considering the fact that it was Dream’s. Having that legacy carried on by NXT doing it is really meaningful as well.”

Triple H also confirmed during a conference call today that there would be no roof on the cage.

“It’s very cool that our talent get to go back and participate in something that is very historic, but at the same point in time, they get to create something new and kind of make their own mark with it.”