WATCH: Triple H Reacts to WALTER’s NXT UK Debut

walter triple h nxt uk takeover debut

The WWE Universe was introduced to WALTER at the end of NXT UK TakeOver on Saturday, and Triple H gave his reactions afterward during a backstage interview. 

As we previously reported, WALTER came face-to-face with NXT UK champ Pete Dunne to put him on notice, and Triple H said that was the Austrian behemoth’s way of staking his claim. 

“Here’s the thing … when you’re the NXT UK brand, when you’re as hot as this, the whole world wants to be here,” Hunter stated. “As good as you think you are, 600 days NXT UK champion, all of it, going through everybody, there’s always somebody coming in the door that’s hungry.”

“Impressive, impressive guy,” he added in regards to WALTER. “But to go through Pete Dunne, if that’s where he thinks he’s going, he had better be everything that everyone says he is … and then some.”

Watch his full comments in the interview below (this portion begins in the last few minutes).