Triple H Confirms He’ll Be at TakeOver: WarGames Despite Recent Surgery

triple h takeover war games los angeles surgery injury

Triple H may have underwent surgery last week, but that’s not stopping NXT’s head honcho from running the show at TakeOver: WarGames this weekend in Los Angeles.

The WWE exec took part in a conference call with the media ahead of Saturday’s event and kicked things off giving an update on his condition. “Everything is feeling he good,” he explained. “On the road to recovery! It’s just rehab rehab rehab now and I will be back, but that does not stop this machine from rolling on.”

Hunter then confirmed he’ll be traveling to Los Angeles tomorrow as planned. He’s also scheduled to take part in a post-TakeOver press conference with news outlets.

As we previously reported, Triple H tore his pectoral muscle at Crown Jewel.

Additional topics discussed in the call include:

  • Why they chose to only include 4 matches on the main card
  • The changes made to WarGames this year
  • Global expansion plans
  • How NXT UK will be represented WrestleMania 35 weekend
  • His thoughts on Undisputed Era
  • And much more

Listen below.